Nobody should be eroding the boundaries of children and teaching them nonsense that men can be women. Forcing children to believe a lie is damaging to our children and is nothing less than child abuse. Science and biology very clearly state that people are born male or female and…
Strange they have blocked me
A post highlighting Dr Andrew Fox who is suing for being fired for opposing biological males in women's sports has been taken down by LinkedIn for…
Please tune in, join in with the conversation, and let's expose and continue with the fight against a pernicious gender ideology!
Join in with the conversation and let's expose and fight against a pernicious gender ideology!
And let's talk gender ideology while we still can!
Streaming live at 7 pm (Terf Island Time) on Saturday 18th and Wednesday 22nd June 2022!
My next stream is on Saturday 11th June 7pm UK time!
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